Justin Group Oy, founded 2015, is an independent professional services company focused on service productization, service design and service management. We offer training, consultancy and pre-packaged workshop services.

We apply service design methods to service management. We help our customers to deliver better services that serve both the service consumer’s needs and the service provider’s business goals. Combining service management and service design brings a missing piece to the development and management of business services.

Our customers are service producer organizations in both the private and public sectors.


Aki Lähteenmäki

Co-Founder, Service architect +358 50 5066 806 Read more

Henri Uusoksa

Partner, Service architect +358 40 5928 921 Read more

Jani Palmu

CEO | Co-Founder, Service producer +358 40 534 7516 Read more

Arjun Basnet

Service Developer Read more

Mikko Juola

Service architect Read more

Pekka Järveläinen

Service producer +358 400 839411 Read more

Vesa Laurila

Service architect +358 400 911 507 Read more

Jarno Sivonen

Service Producer +358 40 553 1836 Read more

Toni Einola

Service architect +358 45 673 5665 Read more

Heli Mehtälä

Service producer +358 40 835 7390 Read more

Mikko Vaarala

Service producer +358 50 5061897 Read more

Mika Lyytinen

Service architect +358 400 211 086 Read more

Pekka Korpi

SVP, DCM Business +358 40 8201961 Read more

Sampo Rapeli

Trainee Read more