Design Kickstarters

You have the knowledge, experience and ideas related to your business, but sometimes a skilled partner can help to kick-start the development process and to clarify your plans.

Our combination of training and workshop enables learning and creating at the same time.

Our experienced consultants provide guidance and take care of the work rhythm and schedule. We guarantee the quality of the end-results.

JustIn’s development model helps you to understand the problems and to structure possible solutions.

JustIn Studio’s creative work space enables 100% focus on the topic.

The idea of our service is to enable the client’s key personnel to escape the daily routines so that they can focus on the essential – that is, development and design work.

  • A Kickstarter Sprint, which combines workshops and training sessions, lasts 2-5 days depending on the target area and scope.
  • <JustIn will document the resulting ideas and concepts alongside the implementation plans.
  • JustIn Studio is a creative work space that provides everything from catering to presentation equipment.
  • JustIn Design Kickstarter is a service-oriented development method that kick-starts new development in a customer- and business-oriented way!

Examples of our Design Kickstarters

  • Service offering development
  • Creating a new service concept or improving an existing one
  • Improving your operating models for service offering management
  • Service portfolio and catalog development
  • Service asset and configuration management process development
  • Other service management related development targets

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