Introduction to Creative Service Management

Introduction to Creative Service Management is an initiation to essential principles of service design and management and to the unique combination of these areas. This couching session is intended to people acting in leadership roles in service organizations.

What is it about?

Introduction to Creative Service Management includes an interactive discussion to go through the core principles of Creative Service Management. The journey begins with typical challenges that service organizations are facing. This forms a basis for key concepts and models of Creative Service Management to be presented later in this couching. From this point onwards, the discussion indeed focuses to significance and management of critical service data, key capabilities of service leadership, customer and service factory journeys and organization culture. Couching presents comprehensive overview of service- and customer-oriented way of leading organizations.

What are the benefits?

Introduction to Creative Service Management helps to understand what are the reasons behind common challenges organizations are facing today and how to tackle them by utilizing principles of Creative Service Management. The main target for the coaching is to help service organizations to improve the efficiency and profitability of their business using means of service-oriented leadership.

How is the coaching session arranged

  • The coaching session can be arranged either at Justin’s or the client’s premises.
  • It takes aproximately two hours
  • We recommend 1 to 4 participants.

Who is the coaching session for?

The coaching is always organization-specific and is intended for people acting in leadership roles. Typically participants work in the following roles:

  • Service Directors
  • Business Directors
  • CxOs
  • Lead Architects and Designers

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