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What is your organization’s service strategy? What are the services and products included in your service offering? How are services defined, priced, launched, delivered, billed and how are their costs tracked?

Participate in a one day training course where Justin’s experienced trainers provide hands-on tools and methods for designing and launching a digital service catalog for your organization.

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What is it about?

Whether your organization provides services to sell them to external customers or to support your own organization’s internal operations, a service portfolio and service catalog is the key to solving many problems.

The service portfolio and service catalog enable a clear structuring of services and thus the management of even complex service entities. A properly built and maintained service portfolio and service catalog are a prerequisite for the smooth and efficient operation of any service organization. At their best, they help service organizations in

  • communicating the value of services to customers
  • describing and versioning their services
  • clarifying service production responsibilities
  • systematizing service development
  • identifying the costs associated with providing services
  • pricing services systematically.

The development of a service portfolio and service catalog and their management models is always a matter for almost the entire organization and therefore it is important to understand several different perspectives before starting a development project.

Justin’s Digital Service Catalog © training provides comprehensive perspectives on service definition, service strategy, service offering, service and product catalogs, service design, and service development and blueprinting.

Training courses and content

In addition to lecture-based teaching, the day-long training includes exercises and a facilitator-facilitated discussion. The lecture section deals with the following issues:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Definitions
  • Module 3: Service Strategy, Offering & Portfolio
  • Module 4: Service & Product Catalogs
  • Module 5: Service Design
  • Module 6: Service Development & Blueprinting
  • Module 7: Recap & Summary.

Both public and customer-specific implementations of the training are available. Public implementations are available on the education portal and are always standard in form. Customer-specific training courses are agreed on a case-by-case basis and can include minor adjustments to the training scope.

Who is the training for:

The training is suitable for those responsible for the development of ICT services as well as for those working in, for example, HR, real estate, finance or other group services. For example, people working in the following jobs have found the training useful.

  • Service owners and service managers, process owners and process managers
  • Service and development directors
  • Service productizers and designers, portfolio managers
  • Service business and management consultants.

Training method & materials

  • Classroom or online training & assignments
  • Training materials(EN, PDF)
  • Certificate of participation.


  • 1 day (09:00 – 17:00) or 2 x 0,5 days if organized online

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