Manager or Architect as a Service

Justin’s Manager or Architect as a Service provides relief for organizations struggling with everyday leadership challenges. We offer rental managers and architects for managing products, services, processes and system development.

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Help with everyday challenges

Did the projects take all your attention or did you experience other challenges in everyday management and planning tasks resourcing? Or is your table simply just too full of tasks? With Justin’s technology and supplier-independent professionals, you make sure you don’t get stuck when your strategy, technology, supplier or employee changes.

Our people, who will work as part of your team, are experienced professionals in process and service development, stakeholder communication, change management and other leadership tasks.

Why a manager or architect as a service from Justin??

  • Our team members are experienced and ready to take over the day-to-day management tasks related to the products, processes, services or systems
  • Our agreements are always tailored to suit the current situation in terms of duration and scope
  • Our team’s toolbox includes a wide range of good practices, templates and other practically tested content
  • In addition to being professional, we are simply liked colleagues

Examples of our assignments:

  • Interim ServiceNow Platform Manager
  • Interim Process Owner for incident, event and change management processes in a situation where the previous role holder left the company
  • Interim Process Manager for request fulfillment, change and incident management processes during long lasting sick leave.
  • ServiceNow Architect role in the customer’s Service Management Office
  • Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) Process Owner role in a situation where the process was completely new to our customer
  • Interim SACM process manager in a situation where staff turnover rate was high.
  • Quality Manager duties
  • IT-manager duties
  • Scrum-master duties

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