Service Management and Architecture Consulting Services

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Creating better services is our passion

The principles of creative service management mean that the services are being developed both from the customer and provider perspective. The end product must meet the needs of the customer while simultaneously ensuring the continuity and profitability of service production.

Therefore the development of services requires a broad understanding of the service production.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Concept design
  • Service productization and planning
  • Service architecture and integration
  • Technology and information architecture
  • Process design and implementation
  • Project management

Our Projects

  • Service offering development
  • Value chain based service architecture development
  • Service and process automation
  • Service portfolios and catalogs
  • Service asset and configuration management
  • Service management processes and tools
  • Organizational change management

We fight for the better services!

Service producer

In movie production, the producer plays a significant role, and the same holds true for service production. The service producer ensures that development projects have management support and resources at their disposal.

The service producer will either independently or jointly with other management make the necessary decisions and policies with regard to the services and production processes to be produced and ensure smooth communication between the key stakeholders.

The service producer’s responsibilities often include, for example, project management tasks as well as conducting requirement analysis, RFx preparation and, for example, preparation of strategic guidelines.

Service architect

The service architect’s main task is to remove any hindrances to operating activities, thereby ensuring the smooth operation of business and service production.

Depending on the subject area, the service architect’s responsibilities range from conceptual design to demanding technical design tasks.

Our architects specialize in designing, modeling and documenting complex solutions as well as communicating solutions efficiently to different stakeholder groups.

The work of our architects is supported by a wide library of different document templates as well as design and modeling methods.

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