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The Practical Data Model for CMDB is a common information model for IT service management CMDB solutions created by Justin Group Oy. The Practical Data Model for CMDB will be published in December 2019 under creative commons license which allows actors in the ITSM community to utilize it for different purposes.

This blog series will introduce the three primary tiers of the model.

The Practical Data Model for CMDB – Services Tier [Blog 2/3]

In my previous blog post, I introduced the Business Tier of The Practical Data Model for CMDB model (PDMC). This time we will dig into the Services Tier, which is the middle tier in the PDMC and contains service provider’s service CIs.

The Services Tier consists of customer facing services and backend services.

Identifying correct services

The customer facing services domain includes service product, service package and actual service details. The service product and the service package records are the cornerstones of service portfolio management and service release management.  The actual services are, as the name implies, customer specific service instances that the customer identifies and consumes.

The backend services represent the service provider organization’s activities and capabilities which support and enable customer facing services delivery. The backend services can either be produced internally or they can be outsourced to the external service providers. The backend services, as such, are never delivered or visible directly to the customers.


The Services Tier is in the middle for a good reason. Not only it defines value proposal and sets expectations for the delivered service, but it also links customer business processes with the service provider’s backend services and service infrastructure components in the Service Configuration Tier.

Understanding of the delivered services and their properties is one of the most essential questions for all service providers. That is why Services Tier is a high priority in development backlogs. It supports service catalogs launching and enables better service portfolio and customer relationship management.

In the next blog…

Next time, I will introduce how to identify and use service infrastructure configuration item classes on the Service Configuration Tier.

The Practical Data Model for CMDB will be published in December 2019. It will be available as a free download and includes pre-defined CI class diagrams for all three primary tiers and domains.

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