Pekka Rundgren

Pekka is experienced as a project leader, senior consultant and has executed configuration work in tens of service management projects. He is specialized in the area of change management especially within the people and organizational aspect, and these have been the core of his projects. Pekka has several years of experience in creating a data-enabled organization; how to encourage data-based decision-making at all levels of the organization.

Pekka’s journey with IT began at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oulu and since 2009 he has been working in various roles in IT. The first positions were in his own company, from 2012 in the IT Center of the University of Helsinki and since 2017 in the role of a senior consultant at Ambientia focusing mainly on service management. Throughout his career, the foundation for his work has been a customer-centric approach, cooperation and fact-based decision-making.

Pekka is a father of two little girls and enjoys spending time with his family.  As a former professional footballer, sports is important to him and since 2015 Pekka has been spotted in the Finnish Football Championship tournaments at the senior level. Making music, hiking in nature and fishing help to keep his thinking fresh.


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