Toni Einola

Toni started his IT-career with financial administration application development in 1989 and has since delivered customer-oriented solutions for different needs. The range of application platforms is wide ranging from embedded systems to mainframe. Over the years, the work has involved a wide range of tasks in the ICT industry. Over the past few years Toni has focused on developing services, service management and ITSM-supporting solutions.

With an entrepreneurial background, Toni is an experienced designer and solver for customer needs. In these tasks, understanding the whole has been important in producing customer-oriented and cost-effective solutions. Toni has a long experience in people management and project work.

Exercising people can walk into to Toni in Espoo jogging trail or gym. On sunny summer days, on the winding roads of Finnish Lakeland, motorists can raise their hand to a traditional greeting. Art exhibitions and concerts are also close to the heart. The tasks in the early years of the career have retained interest as a hobby up to these days.


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