Henri Uusoksa

Henri, or ”Henkka”, is an experienced service management process and tool consultant with many years of experience of process and technology development in organisations of various sizes. Henri’s experience and talents come to the fore best in complex multi-customer and multi-provider environments where normal performance is not enough.

Henri has solid experience in different kinds of consulting tasks: technical consulting responsibilities, the tasks of a senior consultant and solution consultant, as well as the demanding tasks of consulting manager, where he was responsible for developing and leading technical consulting in an international team of specialists. Henri has the honour of being one of Europe’s most experienced and highest-certified ServiceNow technology experts. Henri is a highly motivated team player who is always prepared to give his all so that the team achieves its common goals. Henri is a partner in Justin.

In the spare time he has from work and family commitments, Henri studies Russian, reads sci-fi novels and comics and of course does the same that he does in his job, i.e. investigating, trying out, realising and constructing new software products and solutions.


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