Mika Latvala

Mika started his career around workstation services. At some stage of the career Mika’s world expanded when he got to know his then current employer’s ITSM system and realized that workstation management not being the center of the world. It changed everything for him. Working with large corporations made it possible for him to get his hands on large service management systems and when the product changed from BMC to ServiceNow, the man was fully sold.

Before his career at Justin Mika participated in Telia data center management services buildup in Helsinki and acted as a ServiceNow product owner at Neste. He was also ramping up services, developed and documented processes and tried to improve service management wherever possible.

Mika lives in Vihti with his wife and three, almost adult kids, and a herd of animals. When he’s not working, he builds his cars, helps Finnish drivers navigate better acting as Waze Country Manager and wanders around the forests gathering up positive energy.


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