Aleksi Airaksinen

Aleksi’s 15-year journey through IT-business has gone from local support and service desk, through operations management and development, to service architect. On the way there have been documenting and quality control of work instructions and knowledge management, ITSM tool administration and development, customer and service transitions and reporting, and one instance of building a service desk simulator. Aleksi does not believe that any function or process of a company is too difficult to understand, document and explain to an audience, it is always just a matter of collecting the correct people together and enough time to make it happen.

Before becoming a Justineer, Aleksi took a year-long detour to expand his understanding of corporate processes, stakeholders and reporting through the lens of financial auditing. The experience was on one hand a welcome change of perspective after several years of systems architecture, and on the other a natural conclusion of BBA studies. After auditing, controls of IT world feel significantly less empty and meaningless than before.

In his free time, Aleksi consumes tea and stories, be it in digital, audiovisual or printed format. Living in Helsinki city center, Aleksi does not own a car, and rather walks few kilometers than waits 10 minutes for a bus.


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