Minttu Kelokorpi

Minttu has gained experience in the field of Financial Administration but eventually her interest towards people led her to work in the Event industry. There she had the opportunity to meet lots of people in events organized all around Finland. Minttu is familiar with customer service as well as project management and before coming to Justin she worked in the IT industry in a versatile Administrative role.

Handling multiple projects simultaneously can be seen as a common theme throughout Minttu’s career and she certainly enjoys versatile challenges and is not startled by unexpected situations. Well-being both at work and on free time is important to Minttu therefore she is very interested in employee well-being as well as employee experience and developing these. Minttu is a team player who will gladly help others in order to reach common goals or better yet exceed them.

On her free time Minttu spends time coming up with fun activities to do with her twin toddlers, be it anything from baking to arts and crafts or adventures in the forest. Whenever she finds the time, Minttu will take a long walk and listen to audiobooks.


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