Jenni Timonen

Jenni started working in the IT industry at the beginning of the 2000s. In 2008, service management stole  her heart. Since then, she has worked in service and process development and leadership positions as a Service Manager. She has worked with several different companies from different industries, mainly in the private sector, but also with significant public sector entities. Jenni has a strong operational background in service desk, data center services, workstation lifecycle services, mobile services and API & integration services, where the operating model according to ITIL has played a key role.

In addition to the Service Manager job, she has gained experience also in leading developer and architect teams, working as a Scrum Master and Release Manager. Jenni has years of experience working in multi-supplier environments, where the focus has been on stakeholder communication and coordination of services for the customer in the best possible way. Jenni has also worked for one year in datacenters, two years at the service desk, and four years with configuration management.

By education, she has an MBA in business growth management. Digitization, service management and the development of better services are close to her heart.

On her free-time, she lives an active life with her son, born in 2019, with sports and culture. At  home, they take care of the aquarium, watch movies, do yoga and get excited about Legos. In her own time, she disappears into the forests and national parks with her backpack and hammock. She writes and photographs these travel stories on her camping blog, founded in 2015.


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