Katriina Kovalainen

Katriina has more than 25 years of diverse IT experience, encompassing a wide array of roles within both service providers and corporate IT organizations. Central to her expertise is Service Management, service design, and the successful implementation of these strategies into various ITSM tools. These competencies have played a pivotal role in her leadership of diverse IT operation and Service Manager teams.

With a consulting career spanning 7 years, Katriina has achieved her ability to swiftly adapt to new environments, earning her a reputation as a trusted partner for clients. She has excelled in both local and international settings, where she has effectively built, transformed, and overseen teams of varying sizes. Katriina’s strong suite includes communication, organizational change management, and sharp analytical skills.

Outside of her professional life, Katriina takes to the stage in amateur theatre productions and on the dance floor, whether grooving to disco beats or swaying to more traditional rhythms such as tango and bugg. Recently, she has reignited her love for swimming and dedicates her free time to volunteer work with scouts and the Red Cross when schedule allows.