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Service Management, or lack thereof, in B2B APIs

Henri Uusoksa - 17.02.2017

With the advent of (Robotic) Process Automation, (IT Operations) Automation, (Industrial) Internet of Things, Service Integration and Management,  the importance of the internal and external APIs has been steadily rising. One thing I constantly feel is missing is the Service Management side of the equation. I briefly mentioned the need for Service Management in my […]

Raiders of the Lost Service Description

Jani Palmu - 24.11.2015

A while back I had my key note speech at the ITSM Työkalupäivät (=tooling day) event in Helsinki. The red thread of the speech was to share my experiences from the past as an ITSM software reseller and “out-of-the-box” software consultant. I started my presentation by sharing my non-scientific thoughts about the evolution of software sales. […]