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Why information security and privacy require a working configuration management?

Henri Uusoksa - 09.11.2021

If you are not aware of it, you cannot protect it!

KPIs for API Service Level Agreement

Henri Uusoksa - 06.03.2017

In my previous blog post I wrote about the absence of Service Level Agreements in the average Business to Business integration and in the business use APIs. To sum up the previous blog post: The absence of SLAs in the B2B integrations and APIs lead to significant amount money and time being consumed for useless […]

Service Management, or lack thereof, in B2B APIs

Henri Uusoksa - 17.02.2017

With the advent of (Robotic) Process Automation, (IT Operations) Automation, (Industrial) Internet of Things, Service Integration and Management,  the importance of the internal and external APIs has been steadily rising. One thing I constantly feel is missing is the Service Management side of the equation. I briefly mentioned the need for Service Management in my […]

To API, or not to API?

Henri Uusoksa - 11.11.2016

I agree, “cheap shot to copy and alter the Bard’s work”. Specifically for something as simple as my blog entry, but I could not stop my self. Hype There is a lot of activity about APIs, API Management, Integrations, API monetization, analytics, and so on filling the various feeds I follow. Many times the discussion […]

Does ServiceNow support IT4IT Reference Architecture? – Part 1

Henri Uusoksa - 01.11.2016

With IT4IT recently trending in the various feeds I follow, not least because of my colleague Aki Lähteenmäki contributing to those feeds, I thought I should chip in with my two cents. Being the techie that I am, I am looking at the phenomenon from tooling perspective. What is IT4IT? “And please keep it short!” […]

Are you an Artist? We are!

Henri Uusoksa - 10.01.2016

The word “artist”, specifically when translated to my native language Finnish (“artisti” or “taitelija”), evokes a mental image of a painter working on a landscape or sculptor chiseling a slab of marble to reveal the hidden statue within. Some other people associate the word “artist” with the latest famous pop singer or contemporary dancer. However, […]