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The PDMC – Service Configuration Tier

Aki Lähteenmäki - 18.12.2019

The most common CI domains in the CMDB implementation scope are business applications, end user devices, printing and server capacity. Application servers, databases, connectivity, load balancing, etc. are desirable domains as well, but quite often they are considered being more challenging areas to implement.

The PDMC – Services Tier

Aki Lähteenmäki - 09.12.2019

The Services Tier is in the middle for a good reason. Not only it defines value proposal and sets expectations for the delivered service, but it also links customer business processes with the service provider’s backend services and service infrastructure components in the Service Configuration Tier.

The PDMC – Business Tier

Aki Lähteenmäki - 25.11.2019

The Practical Data Model for CMDB model (PDMC) was created based on the creator team’s vision and experience from numerous ITSM process and tool implementation projects.

Discussion: Definition of Service and Service Catalogs

Aki Lähteenmäki - 11.03.2016

We share a common view that ITSM is yet quite immature and there is a lot of work ahead in improving models and practices. Our different backgrounds give us different viewpoints on possible solutions.