Service Factory Journey – simulation game

The simulation game developed by Justin is an easy-to-access, entertaining way to learn the key success factors, operating models, and concepts in the value chain of service delivery – together with your team!

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What is it about?

In the Service Factory Journey simulation game we are living daily life in an imaginary service organization whose mission is to respond to customer demand through smooth collaboration between service development, sales and production.

The service organization aims to provide its customers with services that meet requirements and support business in the most cost-effective manner and within budget. In addition to a challenging starting position, resistance to change, policies and rules, and countless external factors create bumps in the road. However, with an open attitude and seamless collaboration, an organization can overcome these challenges and achieve its goals.

Factory service journey

What are the benefits of the game?

The simulation game helps participants understand the principles of the service production value chain and the importance of seamless communication and collaboration between the parties. The game also introduces tools that are central to value chain management, such as the service portfolio, service directory, service request list, and CMDB.

How is the game arranged?

  • The game can be arranged either at Justin’s or the client’s premises.
  • It takes four hours including game guidance and final summary
  • We recommend 6 to 12 players.

Who is the game for?

The game is always organization-specific and is intended for people working in service design, production, sales and marketing and management. The game is at its best if the participants have different roles and are from different parts of the service organization.

The game is well suited both for team days and as fact-based entertainment when launching development projects.

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