Practical Process Design

Processes are the backbone of a service organization’s efficient and value-based operations. Appropriate, professional description of operating methods aids understanding of the organization’s value chains while enabling client- and service-oriented development of the processes.

The Practical Process Design training session covers the basics of process design and the methods of visualizing processes, their activities and functions, as well as the related roles and responsibilities. The training will help you understand and improve operating models that are critical to the organization’s operations.

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What’s it all about?

The Practical Process Design training session was born when we realized there is a lack of knowledge about how to visualize service organizations’ processes. This can easily cause communication issues during the process design and further development of processes. At its worst, it can lead to inefficient and even faulty operations.

The session will provide participants with the key terminology and concepts of process design as well as teach them process visualization through exercises.

In Practical Process Design, participants will learn how to apply theory to practice.


Training delivery and content

This half-day session consists of a short lecture and several exercises. The session consists of the following:

  • Process design specifications and levels
  • How to describe processes
  • Roles and activities of processes
  • Documentation of processes
  • Case-based exercises

The training available to the public, or alternatively in a client-specific format.


  • ½ day

Who is the training intended for?

The training session is intended for people working with the design, production or management of organizations that provide digital services. Typical professional roles of the training participants:

  • Process managers and owners
  • Process experts
  • Business developers
  • Service productizers and designers
  • Service business consultants

Training format & materials

  • In person or virtually
  • Training language Finnish/English, materials in English (PDF)

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