The Practical Data Model for CMDB

The Practical Data Model for CMDB (PDMC) is a common information model for IT service management CMDB solutions created by Justin Group Oy. The first public version of the PDMC was published in December 2019 under a creative commons license.

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There is no correct answer to the question of “What is the right way for modeling the service configuration in digital systems such as CMDBs?”

However, regardless of the geographical location, the size, or the business domain, service providers are often using similar technologies and have implemented their service management processes based on the same industry best practice frameworks and standards. Ultimately, from a service configuration modeling point-of-view, service provider organizations have pretty similar needs.

We at Justin had seen this in practice in numerous ITSM process and tool implementation projects over the past two decades. Therefore, in order to create a short cut for data modelers, we decided to use our extensive experience to compile a common information model called the Practical Data Model for CMDB.

What the PDMC is?

  • A free, reusable data model which can be adapted for any organizations needs.
  • A collection of reusable MS Visio diagrams + how-to-use documentation.
  • An ITSM technology independent data model that works as a good starting point for service configuration data modelers. The PDMC significantly saves the time needed for proper data modeling.
  • A template for creating a logical service configuration data model.
  • An extensive data model which covers tiers such as business tier, services tier and service configuration tier

What the PDMC is not?

  • The model is not complete and it does not provide all of the answers, but we hope that it will help organizations to ask the right questions and to find the right answers for their service configuration modeling needs.
  • The model is not a replacement for data models provided by different ITSM technology vendors, such as ServiceNow, Microfocus, Efecte, Jira, Remedyforce, Freshworks, etc. but can be used together with them to find the best possible data modeling solutions.

Share your experiences with the PDMC

Have you already used the PDMC? We would be glad to hear your thoughts so that we can make the model even better fit for service providers around the world.

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Need assistance in adapting the PDMC?

Find the model appealing, but don’t know where to start? In such a case please contact us and let’s agree on consultancy services.

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