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Director feels sometimes alone. Decisions at hand require thorough elaboration but time and resources available are desperately limited. Resources barely clear from day to day tasks and those long waited improvements that would help are just too much to start now. How about using a trustworthy partner?

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Leading is a holistic science

Director is known by results one achieves. But those results can’t usually be directly worked on as result is a consequence, not the reason. Repeatedly gaining good results in a dynamic business environment is the outcome of repeated good execution. Reaching that one needs great leadership, dynamic resourcing, and flexible operation.

To continuously have right resources working on the most productive issues in right time is an ever-existing challenge of leadership. Attention and resources need to be focused on important issues early enough to have impact in good time. Being short of time to analyze and understand situation, plan actions needed or follow and possibly redirect execution of plans, one may find oneself drifting from incident to incident and embarrassingly familiar risks realizing.

When facing these challenges, Justin Management Advisory can support you with professionals of proven skills in managing large and complex entities. We have lots of practice in working with major initiatives, driven both by business and technology but we don’t look away even if it looks like plain work to achieve the goal. Our special, but not only, strength covers issues of leading service management and questions of implementing change in such environment. We know when it is right time to think, discuss or simply act.

If you wonder, whether additional resources might secure your success, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll study to your situation and prepare a free proposal for a successful approach. Then, it is for you to decide.

Our Skills

  • ICT leadership in general
  • Strategic decisions, service strategy
  • Architecture, MDM and data quality
  • Increasing ICT efficiency
  • Capability and improving it
  • Change management at portfolio, program and project level
  • Vendor management, contract issues and procurement
  • Independent vendor evaluations

Our Projects

  • Service strategy and refining service portfolio
  • Support to a merger, service integration in a merger
  • Reshaping internal support services
  • Selection of a strategic vendor, supporting on-boarding
  • Knowledge management and reshaping MDM operations
  • Manager-as-service bridging a change

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