Justin helps Varian IT to fully utilize their organization’s capabilities

Case Varian in a nutshell

Justin is boosting Varian IT to fully utilize their organization’s capabilities, by providing comprehensive services in the field of service level management, hardware asset management, software license management, ITSM reporting, and configuration management. With Justin’s support Varian has been able to make the most out of their investments in process development, tools and technologies.


Varian is a leader in developing and delivering cancer care solutions and is focused on creating a world without fear of cancer. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Varian employs approximately 10,000 people around the world. In Finland, Varian currently employs approximately 300 people of more than 20 nationalities from around the world. ​


The challenge & the target

Over the years Varian’s business has been growing both organically and through acquisitions. This has naturally put Varian IT in challenging situation:  they have both needed to improve their capabilities and to scale their services to better support Varian’s business operations globally. Traditionally Varian IT has trusted in best technology solutions, best people, well known best practices, and best partners in their IT services development and operations.

Recently, however, due to increasing productivity and quality requirements, Varian IT has faced a new kind of challenges. The importance of

  • well documented, functional, and shared end-to-end IT processes
  • detailed understanding of service configurations and their relationships
  • common and shared IT service terminology
  • exact knowledge on IT assets’ locations, costs and lifecycle

have become evident and vital.

Varian is a big, international corporation with some local ways of working in the multiple business locations. This brought us some topics to tackle as well. Justin supported us to define end-to-end processes and making the best possible use of the investments, regardless of the target service area,” says Daynas Corman, Varian Senior IT Manager.

Justin services

Cooperation between Justin and Varian IT started around service level management and SLA-reporting consultancy in early 2017.

– Soon we understood that Justin’s knowledge on service management practices and capability to simplify complex topics is phenomenal and fit for purpose for us at Varian. Therefore, we decided to tighten the cooperation, says Antti Viita, Varian IT Manager.

The cooperation was extended to support Varian IT’s software asset management, license management, ITSM reporting, hardware asset management and configuration management development projects. Justin’s role in these projects has varied from process consultancy and architectural design to project management, training, IT management advisory and development resources sourcing.

– It’s unbelievable how wide range of skills Justin people possess. No matter if the question requires in-depth ServiceNow knowledge, thorough analysis of our process capabilities or preparation of multi-year development roadmap, Justin people can help. I could not ask for more, Antti continues.

Despite the goal of building a unified process for whole Varian, cultures and ways of working vary in the international corporation – and projects – which also needs to be considered in the cooperation.

– In practice, Justin has helped project owners and management in clarifying the complex processes. They have designed the structures, done process descriptions and technical designs of data models or ServiceNow implementation, David Csomos, Varian IT Project Manager explains.  And done communication materials and knowledge base articles hands-on as well!

– The processes Justin is working with, require us really to dig into the current work culture and mode of operation. We also follow up and coordinate the work of the Varian’s third party ServiceNow development partner, Aki Lähteenmäki, Justin Service Architect accompanies – We are involved everywhere.

Today, Justin is providing comprehensive consultancy & advisory services in several areas, helping Varian IT to make most out of their investments.

The benefit?

During four years of cooperation, there has been many project assignments in which Justin has been involved. Thus, it is difficult to mention one single benefit.

– We had it all: best tools and technologies, people, and processes, but we lacked some parts of big picture. Justin helped us to connect “the dots” and to clarify our vision of unified processes in very concrete manner.

– Justin has brought us value with their strong expertise in these areas, Daynas Corman answers. – Especially I appreciate Justin’s ability to help extensively in everything. I can rely on getting straight answers without complications. This kind of service provider is not available elsewhere.