Practical service planning

A better customer experience or service cannot be developed unless the whole organization understands different aspects of service in the same way. Once the organization understands what the “service” means, it will be able to understand its customers better and target development efforts correctly.

In this training you will learn new perspectives to service development & service management and how to successfully develop and deliver services that are fit-for-purpose!

Training provides tools for the following tasks:

  • Understanding which parts of the service are visible to and what are hidden from customer
  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities on different organizational levels from sales to product management as well as service management and operations.
  • Communications improvement between different stakeholder groups = common language and terminology
  • Detection and definition of service interfaces (internal and external partners)
  • Configuration management and CMDB scope definition
  • With all the above contribute to the development of customer experience and WOW-feeling.

Training content:

  • Definition of service
  • Product vs. Service
  • Service Design vs. Service Management
  • Portfolios & Catalogs
  • Service ecosystems & integrations
  • Service lifecycle
  • Service data usage in operations
  • Service planning & modelling
  • Service productization & documentation.

Target audience:

All individuals who participate in service sales, customer service, development, operations and management.

 Delivery method:

  • Classroom training & exercises
  • Training material (EN, PDF)
  • Certification of participation.


  • 1 day (09:00 – 16:00)

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