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We make sure that you don’t get stuck if strategy, technology, vendor or employees change.

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Our customers’s interest is our interest! Our stake is neither in licenses nor the sales from technology deployment projects. We are a technology and vendor independent adviser.

Experience brings confidence! Our team of experts has plenty of long-term experience in developing and implementing architecture, processes and systems in challenging environments.

Finland’s largest pool of experts! Continuous architecture work is not a one-man show. The size of our team enables you to scale the service according to your needs.

We are flexible and present! We’re there for you in your day-to-day business operations, thereby ensuring a proactive and sustained architecture work.

Our Architect Services are a continuous service.

We ensure the availability of the right people for your needs!

  • Developing and maintaining service management architecture requires a number of specific skills, such as concept-, solution- and integration design, information modeling, requirements analysis and communication between stakeholders.
  • At worst, having the implementation partner as the guardian of the architecture is like having the fox guarding the henhouse. Justin is a technology and vendor independent company that you can trust for all of your architectural tasks.
  • High quality architecture work is sensitive to personnel changes which often occur when projects end or people terminate their employment. Justin’s Architect Services ensure continuity.
  • We are an independent service management architecture partner. Our customers include many companies found in the list of Top 100 companies in Finland that use ServiceNow as their service management solution.

Service content

Process and architecture development

Typical examples of our tasks include roadmap work, definition and implementation of best practices for development and maintenance, as well as the development of quality standards.

Development quality and vendor management

We speak fluent “developer” and ensure the quality of the development. If needed, we lead the work of an external development team.

Business requirements management

We ensure that your customer’s needs are collected and translated to an implementable plan. Our conceptual and logical designs are practical and understandable also for non-techies.

Knowledge sharing

Good plans are worth nothing if people don’t understand them. We make sure that key stakeholders understand the details at the necessary level.

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