Vesa Laurila

Vesa is experienced service management professional. Since 1997, he has got familiar with service management processes and systems by working at the beginning in helpdesk and later within the tool and process consultancy work. General interest with all IT and ability to quickly learn new things have helped him to design solutions which meet the multiple different needs of the customers. In his work Vesa wants to develop easy to use solutions which help the users in their daily work.

Long experience as developer and user of the ITSM-systems, gives Vesa very good idea about the challenges met while designing thus system or smaller functionalities into them. Multiple customers have taken advantage of this experience by having workshops, sparring new ideas or building new processes, services or functionalities with Vesa into their systems.

Vesa has also plenty of experience in integration building. First integrations Vesa built early 2000 with unix-scripts for ServiceCenter, since then he has built numerous integrations with different technologies and techniques. One thing still stays the same with integrations: fusing together the processes is the challenge, not the technology.

Wife and two daughters make sure that too much free time will not become a problem for Vesa. When bit of free time presents itself, computer hobby and interest in racing takes him often behind the wheel of the simulated car in some of the famous race tracks of the world, or to do karting in one of the capital area tracks.


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