Thomas Riska

Service management and customer service has been core to Thomas´ duties through his career. Starting from hands-on customer service tasks, he moved on to development roles mainly within the IT sector. Thomas has developed concepts and processes and he has worked in systems development as a service manager and team leader, thus being responsible for all the elements of the services. The key aspect in all his roles has been the ability to identify and understand the needs of the customer/end user. Thomas held various development and service management related roles within the Nokia Corporation for more than 15 years, where he was part of developing the company´s operations ranging from sales to manufacturing and delivery.

Prior to joining Justin, Thomas worked as a consultant and specialist within the information security (IAM) and data protection/privacy sectors, where he provided specialist services and took care of customer relationships for both domestic organizations and global large-scale companies.

Thomas spends his spare time with his family and maintaining and renovating their old house in Kirkkonummi. He also enjoys doing sports as much as possible.


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