Sampo Rapeli

Sampo has responsibilities in many of Justin’s internal development projects in addition to participating in client work. He loves both high level planning and bringing ideas to life through the means of programming. He takes using the Linux terminal like a duck to water, and his self-built keyboard is put to good use while writing for example blog posts or documentation. 

Sampo is a Master’s student in Aalto University, majoring in Information Networks. Skills learnt in the academia are put into good use at work, and sometimes the topic of a lecture is already familiar from work. Sampo loves software development and architecture, and his diverse studies are focused on computer science. Courses on digital ethics, communications, usability, aesthetics, user-centered design and technology’s societal effects complement his strong software skills. 

In addition to university and work, Sampo produces code in different leisure projects. As a counterbalance to sitting in front of a computer he jogs, sails and participates in student musicals. 


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