Raimo Mäenpää

Having been in charge of a major service organization for several years, Raimo has plenty of experience in service management practices “in the field”. During his considerable career, he has faced nearly all aspects of service ownership and has valuable knowledge of provider’s challenges and concerns in various change situations. He has worked in a complex business and organizational environment, which has made him familiar also with many business, accounting and governance issues.

Before joining Justin, Raimo worked for almost two decades in central organization of a large retail group having multiple business lines. Most of the time he served as a CIO and hence has been directly responsible or played a key role in developing service products and processes with thousands of distributed end users and hundreds of equally distributed providers. As P&L responsible, he also is well familiar with accounting aspects of services and was also preparing and implementing investments of various sizes. Equally, he has been supporting corporate activities like M&A:s and divestments. He also is experienced in negotiating and implementing agreements.

Raimo is married with two grown up daughters, which nowadays leaves him some time for his favorite hobbies of golf, motorcycling, hunting and other country life activities at his lakeside alternative home.


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