Pia Wessman

Pia is a versatile and practical developer of services, processes and operating models, whose passion is to implement comprehensive and truly effective operational development and change projects. Pia has a long background in the IT industry, where her work has always focused more on the interface between IT and business than on technologies: customer needs, utilization of services and delivering services efficiently and with high quality. IT service management has become familiar to her since 2008 in various roles: as an expert, trainer, process manager, in various project tasks, as a supervisor and as a consultant.

In recent years, Pia has also applied organizational development and service management methods outside the IT industry. These experiences have demonstrated the versatility of models in managing organizations, services, and change, regardless of industry.

Pia’s free time includes hiking with her rescue dog Dafna, spending time at her cottage, cooking, dancing (Finnish and Latin social dances), listening to music, varied exercising, traveling (often to Greece) and continuous study of various interesting topics and self-development.


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